Grindrod SAP Implementation Project Awarded

This afternoon Grindrod Management Services confirmed their decision to award their SAP implementation project to Northgate Arinso and K5 ERP Solutions.

Cliff McCormick, group IT Manager of Grindrod Management Services has decided to partner Northgate and K5 in order to implement a new SAP System which will be used to manage the company’s Human Resources.

This new partnership will launch  the first phase of the project which will migrate payroll for South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique from VIP and legacy systems into SAP.

Moving forward, McCormick plans to run the entire group’s payroll from the new SAP system. Phase two of the project will introduce Employee and Manager Self Service through an online portal.

“We are excited to work closely with Northgate Arinso – We have worked well together in the past and the success of this implementation is immanent”, comments K5 Managing Director, David Bann.


K5 ERP Solutions was founded in 2006 as a SAP resourcing provider. Since then they have grown into providing a range of SAP solutions including project management, support, training, consulting and 3rd party product development. For more details, go to


NorthgateArinso is a leading global Human Resources software & services provider offering innovative HR business solutions to employers of all sizes, including Global Fortune 500 companies and many Public Sector organizations. For more details, go to


Grindrod Management Services is part of the Grindrod Limited group which specializes predominantly in freight movement and related industries. The JSE listed group employs 5000 skilled and dedicated people and controls assets in excess of R7 billion, generating annual revenue of over R12 billion and an annual profit exceeding R1 billion. GMS manages the overall IT strategy for all 25 of the subsidiary companies. For more details go to