System Administration / Basis Support

In addition to our SAP Application Support offerings, we also support the technical side of your SAP solutions.

Business Continuity

SAP is often the lifeline of a business – millions or even billions in revenue can be lost in the event of unexpected or over-extended system downtime. Our technical support team ensures the stability of your systems and reduces maintenance downtime.

User Adoption

The performance of your SAP system can drastically affect how users adopt your investments – keeping your systems running optimally is paramount to continual user adoption. Our support team monitors system performance and keeps everything fine tuned.

Licensing Costs

People come and go, and with well run support, your licensing costs don’t have to increase due to dormant users and incorrect license allocations.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a system disaster, well-managed support allows immediate reaction to restore the business to an operable state in very little time.

Change Management

Support should offer to strengthen your change process through strict compliance and regulations.

Continual Improvement

Regular upgrades, patches and enhancement pack implementations allow your major upgrade projects to consume less time, resources and budget. Continual improvement also ensures the avoidance of costly extended maintenance plans for older software versions. Your business benefits from regular software improvements and new functionality.

How We Do It

We have developed a flexible and transparent support model that allows you to get exactly what you need from system administration and basis support. We have a simple pricing structure that allows you to budget accurately, after we carry out an in-depth analysis of your systems and needs.

We have flexible Service Level Agreements with clear performance indicators and discounts to bring peace of mind to our customers. We assign a support manager to all of our customers to ensure the best support is delivered and that our customers are kept smiling all the way.

Our support infrastructure includes remote or on-site support agents, help desk, ticket system, automated SLA escalation, high priority SMS notifications and telephone support.