SAP Urgent Access

It is a common business occurrence where users require additional temporary security access in the SAP system – often after hours while the SAP security team is away. This may prevent users from carrying out important business functions, or force the security team to work overtime in order to grant the required access afterhours.

SAP Urgent Access provides authorised users with the ability to request and be granted additional temporary access according to business rules. The user specifies which additional access they require, and selects a time limit. They are then required to provide a reason for their request. Once submitted, the access is granted. After the allocated time is up, the access is revoked and the user is logged off. For the entire duration that the user has the additional access, all of their activities are logged. These activities are then put into reports and emailed to relevant business process owners to inform them of the Urgent Access request as well as any activities that the user carried out.

  • Fully secure
  • Audit compliant
  • Enables users to “get on with it”
  • No more forgotten SAP_ALL access
  • Highly configurable to meet your business needs
  • Fully automated process
  • Reduces workload on SAP security team
  • Reduces the risk of unnoticed dangerous authorization combinations
  • Detailed activity logging

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