K5 Business Now SAP BPM Solution Partner

K5 Business has announced this week, an alliance with SAP partner Incture Technologies in an effort to fill the gap of qualified SAP BPM experts in South Africa.

BPM is a new trend in the business world, and South African businesses have only just begun to understand the benefits and value that can be found therein. This partnership allows K5 to tap into a new pool of highly qualified and experienced SAP BPM resources with global experience.

In terms of SAP BPM resources available in South Africa, there is a huge deficit; Incture brings a strong team of experts that now form part of the K5 team. This partnership allows K5 the added capability of offering assistance to clients in reducing process related costs and risks, and to shift the utilisation of human capital to more business critical and revenue generating activities. Powered by SAP BPM and NetWeaver technologies, Incture provides a “Process Oriented” approach to achieve enterprise innovation.

As David Bann, Operations Director of K5 explains, “With K5 now acting as the South African territorial partner for Incture’s SAP BPM solutions, our target market has widened drastically. This makes us the local experts in SAP BPM – it will confirm our clients’ confidence in our ability to provide an excellent service, not only on the BPM front, but in our current offerings as well”

“K5 ERP and Incture are poised to grow together with this partnership” says Ritesh Menon, the lead NetWeaver Solutions Architect from Incture. “Considering that both the companies have largely complimentary skillsets, we are now able to cover any SAP technology platform in the South African region. We are now one point of contact for the discerning SAP customer and we have increased our value proposition by positioning ourselves as experts within the entire SAP stack”, continues Menon.

The strength of this partnership is to drive SAP NetWeaver BPM adoption as well as other allied technologies such as MDM and Web Dynpro at large to medium enterprises.


About K5 Business

K5 Business was founded in 2006 as a SAP resource provider. Since then they have grown into providing a range of SAP solutions including project management, support, training, consulting and 3rd party product development. For more details, go to


About Incture Technologies

Incture, established 5 years ago, is a SAP Partner, and is located close to SAP Labs and SAP Global Delivery Centre in Bangalore. With multiyear, deep collaboration with SAP and some of the leading innovation adopters, they have been delivering leading edge innovation success stories. They are powered by a strong team of ex-SAP employees with a singular and dedicated focus on innovation around SAP solutions; Incture offers pre-packaged portfolio of solutions and services for SAP customers to reduce time to value and risks for customers. Incture has a unique value proposition combining the advantages of process orientation together with agility and all customer relationships are supported by highest levels of management. For more details, go to