SAP South Africa’s First Special Expertise BPM Partner

K5 ERP Solutions was today officially confirmed a Special Expertise Partner with SAP South Africa. K5 is now the only SAP Partner is South Africa that specialises in SAP BPM solutions.

In speaking with K5 about the partnership and what it means for South Africa, Operations Director David Bann commented – “SAP BPM is relatively new to the South African market – up until now, most local companies have been slow to adopt BPM because of uncertainty and confusion about the benefits. Customers are confused as to where SAP BPM fits into the product suite, and how it can become a business enabler and drastically reduce operational costs”.

Bann continues, “Our focus is on generating a local awareness, and in building confidence in this extremely robust and feature rich product. We will work closely with SAP in delivering world class SAP BPM solutions, not only in South Africa, but in the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa”.

This is a big step forward for the South African SAP market – there have been very few skilled SAP BPM consultants available locally, which drives up implementation costs, and weakens confidence in the product. K5 have allied with Incture Technologies in bringing highly skilled resources into the country in order to achieve the impressive growth planned over the next 12 months. These off-shore resources will in turn be part of a skills development plan so that the South African market will benefit and develop.

Incture is a leading SAP BPM partner in the “Asia Pacific Japan” (APJ) region – Through working closely with SAP APJ over the last few years, they have been instrumental in evolving the SAP BPM suite into what it is today. “They know SAP BPM backwards – they have helped SAP iron out bugs in the product through multiple global BPM roll-out projects. They have really pushed the limits and produced inspiring results”, says Bann.

SAP South Africa is excited about this new partnership, as it is the beginning of an aggressive awareness drive aimed at enlightening the local SAP market on the features and capabilities of SAP BPM. It will catapult Sub-Sahara African enterprises into alignment with the rest of the world from a business process automation perspective.

K5, Incture and SAP will be conducting the first round of SAP BPM workshops across the country between 15 and 19 August 2011. Morning workshops will give an executive overview of SAP BPM, and include real world use cases. The afternoon workshops will cover more technical aspects of the product. Invitations to the workshops will be sent out over the next few weeks.


K5 ERP is a SAP South Africa Special Expertise BPM Partner, and Incture’s BPM alliance partner in the South African region. K5 focuses on streamlining and automating business processes, thus realising improved process efficiency, reduced process costs, and increased profitability. (Additional information at


Incture is a leading SAP NW BPM implementation partner in Asia with strong focus on TCO, time and risk reduction for BPM based innovation and transformation projects. Incture has demonstrated thought leadership in SOA-BPM, Mobile and SAP NetWeaver space and has been pioneer in building “Business Process Optimization” solutions for fortune 500 companies. Having combined advantage of deep skills and competitive cost, Incture has helped customers to transform their business processes and increase competitiveness through remarkable process improvements. In addition, being a member of SAP Design Partner Council, Incture helps SAP to build and improve SOA-BPM products. (Additional information at


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